Hello World!

      Word on the street is you aren’t really official until you have a blog, so with this post I hereby pronounce Switchboard Missions as a go!  Yep, that’s right- Switchboard Missions.  It’s ok if you haven’t heard of us yet- we’re pretty new.  Evidently God doesn’t care if you’re a 2 month or 20 year old organization- He moves as quickly as He likes.  He’s been doing some pretty amazing things lately that we just can’t possibly keep to ourselves any longer.  We’d love it if you would stop by every now and then to see what all is going on.  I can promise you this- God is still in the business of doing miracles, and He is making Himself known across the entire globe.  We’ve been so very blessed in getting to witness Him move in the heart of a tiny orphan all the way to rehabilitating entire countries torn from war.  Want to see it for yourself? Come with us on a short-term missions trip! Can’t go?  Then help send others by providing your time or resources.  God calls everyone to either be a “Goer” or a “Sender”- “Neither” is really not an option.  And praise God for that calling, because believe me- you’re going to want to be a part of this!

You may be asking what it is exactly that Switchboard Missions does.  Our official mission statement is “To be used by God to awaken the hearts of young adults to the life He has called us to live as followers of Christ through local and global missions and discipleship into a life that fulfills that calling.”  In other words, we serve as “operators” that connect the passions God has laid on the hearts of young adults to real missions needs in the world.  We do this through domestic and international short-term mission trips.  Once exposed to the work God is doing across the globe, the participants’ eyes will be opened to the reality of how God is forcefully advancing His gospel, and to the vitality of our obedience to his command to be a part of that advance.  We’ve found that one cannot witness such supernatural power and not be changed, so we hope to facilitate the flipping of the “Jesus Switch” in people’s hearts for missions so that once they see what God is doing they will be forever impacted.  Another one of our goals is to also mentor and disciple future missions leaders through the Roots College Program.  Plain and simple, the core of our organization is centered on providing opportunities for young adults to be a part of The Great Commission and the miraculous work God is doing across our world.  

God has opened some gigantic doors for us to walk through in the near future.  In addition to our normal short-term mission trip programming, we are also partnering with The Nameless Project on a new endeavor called The Tuli Initiative.  In the next six weeks, we’ll be publishing a Vision Series aimed at cluing you guys in on this new and upcoming work we will be doing in northern Uganda.  Check back here often to get information on this integrative rehabilitation program for traumatized individuals living in war-torn areas.  We plan to dissect our mind-body-spirit approach while laying out the next 15 to 20 years of work we have ahead of us!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to pause and read about our world at Switchboard Missions.  We certainly hope you’ll stick around and join us for what promises to be one incredible journey.