Nicaragua Update: Thursday Edition

Wednesday -- We went to Emmanual in the morning to do VBS with the kids. We also continued building the house for Carlos and hope to finish the house by the end of the week. The remainder of the team spent time evangelizing throughout the barrio, and one woman accepted Christ. Praise the Lord! That afternoon we continued helping Chosen Children Ministries with a building on-site to use for their ministry. It's such a blessing to serve a ministry who is continually serving others, including our team. A few of us headed to Marvin in the afternoon to work with the people there and see some old friends. Nicole managed to fall in love with a monkey, but don't worry, she will not be taking it back with us! Every night we have a devotion, but last night's was the best yet. The Lord was so obviously present.

Thursday -- Today we went to the dump. A few hundred people live off of the dump, searching from sun up to sun down for things they can recycle like plastic bags and plastic bottles. These people have absolutely nothing. No house. No job. And, without Jesus Christ, no hope. We met their physical needs with food as well as their spiritual needs with the story of Christ

One of the reasons I love Chosen children Ministries is because they continue to minister to the Nicaraguan people long after our group is gone. The people of the barrio are connected to a church with a pastor, who Chosen Children mentors and teaches. Short-term mission trips are often criticized for leaving the native people high and dry after telling them about Jesus. In each barrio that we work with, Chosen Children Ministries has a constant presence, which allows the people there to grow a deeper relationship with Christ. So, while we may only be there for a short time, the Lord's name is continually proclaimed. Can I get an Amen?