Para nuestro Dios

It’s that time…

The rubber is about to hit the road…

After months of hard work, we find ourselves just hours away from Switchboard’s very first mission trip.

It’s surreal… We’re truly blown away by God’s loving kindness through all of this. He has turned what was once just a passing thought into a full-fledged, functional organization. He has turned our “filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6, Philippians 3:8) into something amazing, something that He will undoubtedly use to bless individuals all across the globe. We are thrilled to get to be a part of what He is doing for the people of this world, exceedingly humbled by His grace and eager to see what He has in store for us in the future, namely the next few days.

Our destination… The beautiful, exotic nation of Nicaragua…

Our partners… Chosen Children Ministries… These wonderful people have committed their lives to serving the people of Nicaragua for the glory of Jesus Christ. Their website says it best…
“Chosen Children Ministries exists to share God's love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Nicaragua, serving their spiritual and physical needs in ways that bring God glory, by planting churches, equipping leaders, strengthening families and individuals, evangelizing and discipling children and adults, establishing child sponsorships and giving humanitarian aid.”

To learn more about CCM or about how to be involved in their ministry, visit their website at:

Our team… The Lord has assembled a team of 23 students from 6 different universities across the South, including Louisiana State University, Louisiana-Monroe University, Texas A&M University, Texas Christian University, the University of Mississippi and the University of Tennessee-Martin. Also, we are beyond excited that a member of our wonderful Board of Directors, Amy Woodby, has chosen to accompany us on our inaugural journey. And, not to be forgotten, we have been blessed with OVER 60 PRAYER PARTNERS from all over the United States. They’ve joined our team specifically to pray for each and every one of those travelling. It’s breathtaking to see our beautiful and gracious God work to bring us all together, and we have no doubt that He has orchestrated this ENTIRE team to achieve His purposes.

Our mission… As a team, we will be doing about three main things everyday.

For the children, we will do a Vacation Bible School of sorts and then run Sports Camps for them. The main focus, though, is on loving on them. We will come into contact with a multitude of children who just want to be loved. Whether we need to give piggyback rides, play tag or paint fingernails, we just want to show each and every child that they are indeed valued and loved just as Jesus does for us.

To reach the adults, we will do lots of one-on-one evangelism. These people are often times hurting, broken and lost in the chaos of their everyday lives. Our only aim is to, as the apostle Paul wrote, preach Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2) because He is the only true Healer and the only One who can bring perfect peace.

How can you help?


We’ll tell you the same thing that we told our prayer partners…

“In these first days as we all get adjusted and settled in, we ask that you would pray for safety as we travel both into the country and as we travel between the "barrios" and the mission house.

Pray that each of the team members would drop their inhibitions and step out onto the ledge. It will be hard for us, even those that have come before, to let go of our assumptions and preconceived notions about this new world around us. Please pray that we would truly surrender to whatever God has for us in these next 7 days.

But most importantly, pray that we would be cognizant of the true reason that we have come, to spread the love and good news of Jesus Christ across the world. Pray that we would remember that while we will have fun and enjoy our time together in such an exotic place, we have come to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ because, in the end, nothing else can satisfy but Him.”

Please join in with us as we bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of the world.

We’ll have more updates soon, so make sure that you at least log out of Facebook long enough to check back here in the next few days…

Until next time… Adios Amigos!