How We Got Our Name

Last week, we gave you a look at our history – and the answer to one of our most frequently asked questions: “How did it all begin?” This week, we answer our second most frequently asked question: “How did Switchboard get its name?”

Much like us, your familiarity with a switchboard is most likely derived from what you’ve seen in TV or movies. The plugs, the cords, the switches…someone sitting in front of it with a headset. They receive a call, throw switches to answer, and they talk to the caller about with whom they are wishing to speak. Once the operators get the information, they move cords into plugs and pull switches to get in touch with the desired person. Once the two parties are connected and conversing, the operator leaves the connection open so the two can communicate. 

When you watch it in film, it looks like a complicated fast-paced, song-and-dance of movement and receiving and answering…and connecting

That’s what it comes down to – a switchboard is about connecting. It is about being ready to answer a call and making the connection to where that call needs to go. Switchboard Missions seeks to do the same. We are connecting people here with people across the globe. We are plugging them in to what God is doing around the world. We are using our abundant resources here – our time, our training, our money, our passion – to plug in to God’s global vision.

So whether it’s a pastor in Uganda asking for a mentor – or a church planter in Portugal seeking discipleship resources – Switchboard is working to make the connection.