Meet Walter

Meet Walter, our Director for Switchboard’s efforts in Uganda and Kenya. Since most of you have never had the pleasure of meeting Walter, we wanted to fill you in on how he came to be a part of Switchboard.

We met Walter in 2011 on our first trip to Uganda. We were interviewing people for this position, and after hearing the job description and requirements, our host Jennifer, mentioned that her husband would be perfect for the role. When we interviewed him, we started out by asking him to tell us a little about himself. He began describing his dream for his country: that Uganda would be a country that loved the Lord. And that this revival would be led, not by missionaries from other countries, but by his fellow countrymen and women. At the time, Switchboard’s mission was still in development, but as we listened to him, we realized his vision aligned with ours.

From there, Walter began leading our operations in Uganda. Now he oversees our small staff in Parwech, leading and discipling them. He lays out the strategy for the areas we are in – and the new areas we are looking to enter. He oversees programming (such as the recent crusades in Lalogi and the summer Pastors Training Conferences, along with church relations and bible distribution). He is our mediator between the Ugandan government and the local churches. He also handles all of the logistics for when our American teams visit. Finally, in Kenya, Walter has been working through the extensive preparations for entering a new area. Switchboard focuses on communities and churches that will partner and take ownership of the discipleship work. Lots of effort goes on in the front end with the local pastors, churches, and church networks, not to mention setting up partnerships with the local government.

After our first Pastor's Training Conference in 2014, the local church leaders came to us with the idea of a giant revival in the village – a crusade. They wanted it to be an evangelism tool, but also a way to demonstrate unity of the area churches. While the idea was indeed amazing, it was an improbable undertaking in such a short amount of time. That part of Lalogi had never had a revival, so we were starting from scratch. The event involved working with leadership from every single church in Parwech, not to mention the local government…and Walter made it happen.  Every budgeted dollar, every scheduled minute, every fellowship meal, every youth training event, every leadership planning meeting, every committee –  Walter walked alongside the local leadership to execute everything. He discipled the pastors on leadership, delegated tasks and responsibilities, and ensured each church had full ownership of the crusade. The result? A four-day revival with over 500 people in attendance. Through the grace of God – and Walter’s leadership - the first crusade in Lalogi was an enormous success.

He continues to prove himself an asset to the Switchboard team. Aside from his distinguished education and various degrees, Walter is a leader - confident and competent, caring and servant-minded. He loves the Lord and is committed to integrity – whatever the cost. And we are so thankful he is a part of our organization.