Inside Uganda: Pastor James

Meet Pastor James Odong Piny of Opit, Uganda.  We've had the honor of working alongside James for several years now, and it's been absolutely incredible to witness God work in and through him.  James has planted numerous churches all throughout Uganda, both during the war and after, and continues to fervently work towards reaching his country for Christ.  He is a mighty warrior for the Kingdom, and an absolute joy to get to partner with.  

James will be helping us teach all 4 of our conferences in both Uganda and Kenya in July, and we thought you would enjoy hearing his heart as much as we do every time we get to hear him teach.  We wanted to share three short videos with you of James sharing a little about his ministry, his country, and his love of the Bible.  

Pastor James on Discipleship in Uganda:


Pastor James on How Ugandans Live Out the Story of Israel: 


Pastor James Discussing Switchboard in UgandA: