The Crusades in Lalogi

Today's post is from Melodye. She works with Switchboard, and last year she had the opportunity to travel with us to Uganda to participate in the 2015 crusades. Here she shares her experience and an exciting update.

I had never been across the Atlantic Ocean, much less traveled to Africa. But last year, when Jana invited me to Uganda to attend the first annual crusades in Lalogi, I went. Armed with the support of my family and only a million questions (“What are we going to be doing here?”, “Where is Lalogi?”, “What is a crusade?” etc.) we arrived in Uganda on January 10, 2015. We drove to a remote village outside of Gulu and for the next four days participated in the crusade. Four days full of worship, prayer, teaching, praise, dancing, giving, and reading the Word of God. From sun-up to sun-down, in the middle of a field next to the town of Opit, HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of people came together to draw near to God – and to one another. 

One of the opening praise and worship sessions at the 2015 crusades in Lalogi

What did this have to do with Switchboard?

Only months prior, the teachers and organizers of this event sat near that same field learning about God. They had been trained and discipled earlier that summer at Switchboard’s first Pastors Training Conference. What they had been taught, they were passing on to others. They had asked for this opportunity –a crusade for their village – to share what had been given to them. And hundreds of people came to receive. Switchboard provided the funds for this inaugural event, and they helped advise the preachers, teachers and elders who united to organize everything. For nearly a decade, Lalogi had gone without a revival like this. The pastors of the churches saw the need for it, and realized they had the means to provide.

Last week, the second annual crusades were held in Lalogi.

According to Walter, Switchboard’s country director for Uganda, the crusades again provided revival and light and life and joy for the villagers in Lalogi. This year’s theme was taken from Matthew 11:28, which says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Walter shares: “This was a very befitting message because of the time that we are in right now - full of election violence. Therefore we called for everybody to calm down and pray for the right leaders to be elected, including the president. The crusade was one very brilliant idea for Lalogi, and we were applauded by the local leaders and even policemen for our great insight into doing a rather unique work in the community…where all the churches share the same ground as brothers and sisters in the Lord. We were even called to expand to other areas. All the local churches were in attendance and there were three sessions for preaching the Word of God each day, with two local pastors each, preaching from the training Aaron did. [Aaron traveled with Switchboard this past summer, teaching during the second annual pastors training conference.] I am glad to inform you that at the end of the five-day crusade, a total of 59 people gave their lives to Christ and were born again. This was the most amazing moment I experienced during the crusade, and we gave each of them a bible to help them read more of the Word of God.”

Without our generous supporters, this event would have never happened. And so we wanted to pass along Walter’s report and thanks to you. “Once again I would like to thank you very much for the hard work of securing the funding for the crusade, and may the Lord continue to bless you always.”