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When you give to Switchboard Missions, you are directly funding the training and equipping of indigenous church leaders around the globe. You are joining a movement to disciple and empower indigenous pastors.

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3 WAYS we use your donations to take jesus to the nations

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equipping the church

Switchboard provides the tools for local leaders – investing in them, training and developing them, teaching them. Depending on the case, this could begin with meeting the physical needs along with spiritual needs. (For example, Jesus often fed His disciples and made sure they were rested when He was teaching them.) More often than not, this will include in-depth Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship and mentorship, leadership workshops, etc.

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advancing the gospel

Switchboard is anchored on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and everything we do is working to further His Kingdom. In Acts, we see that God provided a plan to care for the poor and the outcast by establishing His Church. (Acts 4:32-37) Switchboard serves as a signpost, pointing people to the local church in their community. When people are united in the love of Jesus Christ, destitution does not exist. The church is the means through which this happens. Poverty and corruption are symptoms of a much bigger disease: a lack of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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making disciples

Whenever we go to teach the Bible, we invest deeply and strategically in a small, but faithful group of men and women "who will be able to teach others also." Our goal isn't to reach thousands; it's to develop a few faithful, indigenous leaders to reach and teach those thousands in the decades after we leave.  Switchboard strongly believes in churches that are self-supported and self-governing. With this model, local leaders use their own God-ordained talents and gifts, instead of developing an unhealthy dependency on a foreign missionary. We know we will never understand the nuances of each culture we encounter, so we invest in the people who can. 

How that looks practically

Our mission is not a "one size fits all" because no country, no leader, and no church is the same.  In Uganda, looks like hosting a Pastors Training Conference for hundreds of church leaders every summer, or one-on-one discipleship with our lead Ugandan church planter James.  In Portugal, it looks like training, equipping, and empowering native pastor Andre to plant an urban church in Lisbon.  In Jamaica, it looks like walking beside Marland as he plants a church to reach the lost of Kingsport.  Our mission is to give indigenous world-changers the tools they need to reach more people with the love of Jesus. 

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